Thursday, 5 April 2018


Yesterday was the day! 

Maddie brought me a Scoby baby to class. Her mom has a Scoby hotel and graciously offered to donate a baby to me! 

I brought this large jar of strained tea and sugar and placed it beside me in business math class. Somehow I managed to surprise a class that really shouldn't be surprised by me anymore... lol

I was asked if it was a "cleanse" I was participating in. I explained it was for my Scoby baby and I smiled at Maddie. During break-time, Maddie brought a glass jar with the folded baby Scoby in it over to where I was. I excitedly lifted the large jelly disc of bacteria and placed it into my large tea jar and I place the cover back on it. 

No one could believe their eyes. They were completely grossed out and asked if I intended on eating it. I tried to explain how the scoby makes a fermented liquid that is similar to pop. I further explained how amazing kombucha is, you can flavour it, and how healthy it is!!!

No one was buying my story.

When I left class, I took my baby out to the car and buckled her in! Safe and sound.

And now I wait... which is the hardest part.

Peace, Plants, and Kombucha!!!

Three things I am grateful for are: friends who give away Scoby's, a car that works amazingly well, and YouTubers that have donated their time to educate others on the health benefits and the how to... of Kombucha.


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