Sunday, 1 April 2018

The CEO Challenge Begins Today!!!

I recently came across a BuzzFeed video about the habits of CEO's in the Mornings and at Night. I loved it! I sent the video to friends and watched it over and over. I really wanted to try it myself.

Today I decided to get a jump on the CEO wagon and attempt the following Habits:

Mornings Habits:
  • get up at 4- 4:30am
  • dress in the same style of clothing everyday
  • meditate
  • write down what I want to accomplish in the day
  • exercise and stretch for 1 hr

Night Habits:
  • finish chores from 7pm-9pm 
  • pajamas
  • dim the lights
  • charge the phone in another room
  • read a book, no screens
  • write down what I am thankful for

I am so excited to finally do this and YouTube my experience! It's now 8:30pm and I need to shower and put my pajamas on and start to read a book.

Three things I am thankful for are : my amazing encouraging boyfriend, the creative ability to blog, and clean water.

Run Wild, Eat Plants, Namaste.

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