Saturday, 14 April 2018

Time to hit the gym....

Now that I know what my job will be this summer, I have decided to join the YMCA again.

I will be getting a student membership tomorrow and I will be working out there and running. I also intend on swimming again. Wow, do i ever miss swimming. I follow Rich Roll on Instagram and every time he posts that he is at the pool, i overwhelmingly miss swimming.

Make no mistake, i am a terrible swimmer. I can't even do a flip turn. But i loved doing laps.


Because it was hard. Because it was really hard. Because I was forced to focus on exactly what i was doing right then, or... i would drown...

Today I will go for a long run... 8km? 10km? 14km? no idea.... til i get out there... I then have to work on my Marketing paper...

Now that I know what I am doing this summer, I will be better prepared to schedule for my kids. I want to be in incredible shape this summer.

Today is a bit of a sick day for me so I am currently curled up with my "Finding Ultra" book by Rich Roll. I had ordered the updated version from eBay, but was sent the old version. The seller conceeded that they sent the wrong book and just let us keep it, instead of having us return it.

The book far exceeds my expectations. But i am still looking forward to reading the updated version.

John is framing up windows now, and I have washed and hung the curtains.

I love Spring Cleaning!

Three things I am thankful for: Pinterest to store recipes and ideas, Instagram to store my favourite photos, and Strava to store my runs.

Peace, Plants, Namaste....

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