Monday, 14 May 2018

Day 7 and 8 ....

Yesterday I tried to run but found it impossible to breathe, so i stopped. I supported John on his marathon instead. 

Today I start back at the YMCA with swimming and weight lifting.  I have been told that I have been hired at the Comfort Inn to be cross trained in various positions. They are supposed to call me this week with further instructions.

My oldest has moved back to Digby with his dad to try and find work there. 

After a weird weekend of eating, I am only doing liquids today. Water and slushies. I will be spending some time in the kitchen today making Vegan samosas for me and salmon fishcakes for John. I will also try and make some Vegan cabbage rolls with the recipe Henri Etta gave me. Hers were amazing!

I need to pick out my courses for next semester soon. I might walk up to the school and get that done today. 

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I missed my kids terribly. They called to say hi. 

I am not feeling like my usual happy self. I think I'll go meditate, peel some potatoes, and then head outside to clean up the back porch. 

I am feeling very Blah Humbug today.


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