Thursday, 17 May 2018

Day 11 - hard work

I had coffee with another friend yesterday and she came around with me to go to a meeting with my Sexual Violence Counsellor and then do some research for my Human Rights Case.

There will be more details about my Human Rights Case coming out soon, as soon I get confirmation that I will be allowed to, in the meantime, I am still getting evidence together... and lining up all my ducks...


My friend commented that I seem "focused" about what had happened to me. I agreed that once the shock of the events wear off, all a person is left feeling is numb, and sad, and eventually comes the feeling of being determined to help others.

I am hoping that when its all over, people will look to my case as a turning point in time. My case will be "that case", that people refer to when a situation similar comes up. I want it to help others, and so I am really trying to do everything right. I never want what happened to me, to ever happen to another person. I want employers to be held accountable.

When I recount what happened, it is as though I am telling someone about a movie I saw.

The day went on from there. Planning my attack on the gym, researching heart rate training, making a grocery list, watched a few Youtube videos about weight loss, insulin levels, and recommitting to eating healthy and clean.

Everyday is an opportunity to make the world better.
I am definitely trying my best.

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