Wednesday, 2 May 2018

First Day Back!

I headed to the gym at the YMCA yesterday morning and did chest and back. Then I hit a cyclefit class.... it was sooo hard... I loved it. If you haven't been to one.... you should... its like pure meditation joy wrapped up in the gift of sit bone pain. (worth it!!)

The rest of the day was job interviews and meetings.  I have been eating a strict regimen of avocado toast, bananas, slushies, pickles, beans, and stir fry. I am 171.0 pounds this morning. My measurements are (i measured myself so they are probably rough):

Waist - 40 inches
Chest - 40 inches
Biceps - 12.5 inches
Thigh - 23 inches
Hips - 45 inches

Ok! I need to get those numbers down!!!

I had planned on not running yesterday and swimming laps instead. I headed back to the YMCA for 8:15pm to swim a full 30 minutes from 8:30pm-9pm. However, this was not to be.

I arrived and changed and was on the pool deck at approx 8:31pm with my towel, my Suunto watch looking for GPS, my goggles, and my swim cap. The Aquafit class was over and there were 3-4 women in the pool and 4 -5 women in the hot tub. The lifeguard was sitting next to the hot tub in a chair. He was looking at his hands (or something in his hands). I walked over to the windows to see if my Suunto would get a better signal (it didn't) and I waited to see if the lifeguard would get up and start to put the lanes (aka yellowbouysinaline) in the pool.

He sat in his chair, staring down at his hands.

I thought maybe I has misread the pool activity, maybe it was an open adult swim... (totally possible I frigged up, it was my first day back into the YMCA)....

I begrudgingly left the pool deck, got redressed, and went out to ask the front desk staff if I had been wrong. She assured me that it was, in fact, a lane swim. The front desk staff was so kind and professional and suggested asking the lifeguard to put out the lanes right then, but i said it didn't matter. By the time I got redressed and he got the lanes put in, i would only get in a 10 minute swim and I had planned on a 30 minute one. I was sad, but the front desk staff had handled my concern so amazingly I left and went home feeling like it wasn't meant to be.


Today I have legs and abs. Its supposed to be amazing weather -18 degrees!!! I'd like to wreck my legs with a 21km adventure on my feet.... (hard to call it a run... more of a jog).

Time to get going!!! Its Wednesday!!!

Peace, Plants, Namaste!

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